Packaging Info
Fresh Fish Packaging

Styrofoam Box
Products are bulked in foam polystyrene boxes of various volume, depending on the desired weight per package. These boxes are used for the packaging of all chilled products (whole/processed/fillets)

There is a variation of packaging procedures, depending on the way of transport and the customers’ demands:

1. Polystyrene Box/ product/ plastic Film/ Ice in a bag
2. Polystyrene Box with bottom Holes /Product / plastic film/ bulked ice
3. Polystyrene Box/ Map Product / plastic film/ Ice in a bag OR ice gel/ External cover bag (Exclusively for air freight)

IQF (Frozen) Fish Packaging

All IQF products are bulked in a plastic bag and the placed in cardboard Boxes of 5, 6 or 10 kg each.

Note-1: Frozen products are stored and transported at temperatures below -18°C

Note-2: Frozen products can be kept for 18 months at temperatures below -18°C

Note-3: Frozen products are usually processed to contain 5-15% glazing in cardboard boxes, depending country legislation and costumer enquiry.

MAP Products Packaging

All MAP products are packed for transport in an open waterproof cartoon boxes without ice and must be Kept refrigerated between 0-4oc at all period of transport.