Scientific Description
EN COMMON NAME: Meagre / StoneBass / Corvina
Argyrosomus Regius, (Asso 1801)
FAO: 37 (Mediterranean)

It is also called ombrina or corvina . It can be a very big fish up to 100kg. It resembles a Bass in form with a pearly-silver coloration, but is different in many respects including a salmon-coloured mouth, 9 rays on the first dorsal fin and distinctive large scales, with every fourth scale set at a different angle. The meat is white in color, firm, juicy and moist, fine-grained and is delicious grilled - fried - boiled.

Additional Informations
Nutritional value
The Meagre is a lean fish, which makes it very easy to digest. We recommend poaching, steaming or cooking in parchment to preserve the low fat in the fish. It has a high dressing percentage, low adiposity and healthy muscular lipid content.

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